Kern Asphalt mainly works in Kern County but does travel throughout California. Please call us for information about past projects or projects in the local Kern County area (some of our more notable projects are listed below).

Grading and Paving

Lowes Auburn Street, Bakersfield CA

KSI Equipment Yard, Bakersfield CA

Tulare Irrigation District Equipment Yard, Tulare CA

Various CVS Pharmacies throughout Bakersfield CA

Building pad, grading & paving at Target Valley Plaza, Bkf CA


Concrete and asphalt from the old Three Way Chevrolet, Bakersfield CA.

Various crushing in local oilfields concrete and asphalt.

Crushing of washout concrete for various concrete plants.

Concrete Crushing

Sealing projects

Grading Projects -  Small Projects and Large Projects

Past Projects

Specialty Paving Projects

Striping Projects




Asphalt Paving Projects

Oiling Projects